Our Mission

To provide the nation's real estate and banking industry instant access to critical geographic and location information on the most comprehensive digital maps available.

MapPro Environmental Data, Inc. Company Profile

MapPro Environmental Data was founded in 2004 with a goal of providing customers with quality reports containing reliable data, delivered in a timely manner, and reasonably priced. As a user of environmental hazard data, we know the frustration of sorting through pages of extraneous data and the difficulty in interpreting the information presented. To this end, we created a product that conforms to applicable ASTM requirements, contains high-quality full color digital maps, and is presented in a format that is user friendly and easy to read. Our environmental databases and mapping software are both updated quarterly to ensure the most accurate and comprehensive data is available. Accuracy of data is an important factor with any database report. While all our information is collected from the federal, state, and local agencies, these records can be incomplete or inaccurate. Our research department goes through "orphan sites" and tries to geocode these sites by reviewing government records and databases, cross referencing businesses and street names and in some cases contacting responsible parties themselves. Customer Service is a top priority to all employees at MapPro Environmental. In fact, we pride ourselves on customer service and welcome feedback and/or suggestions that our customers think will improve the readability and usability of our reports, our software program, and any additional services they may need.